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Anyone can do search engine optimisation for their sites or blogs on their own. It just needs some time and hard work. There are many Search engine optimization consulting companies hiring which, you can get your site optimized for the major search engines. But for those who have time and would like to do that on your own, then here are the points that need considering.

To start with it is important to optimize the content within your site first before starting anything.

1. Proceed to the html look at the pages inside the site and fill the title, description and keywords meta-tags with relevant content. For people who are not properly aware, you can see them in head tag section. Make sure to are the keywords you are targeting within these meta-tags but don’t overdo them. Just write in a natural way including those keywords.

* It might be something like this: In title tag: Ex: Marketing1on1 SEO Agency-SEO India: Home (write in approximately 60 characters)

* In meta keywords tag: Ex: meta name=”Keywords” content=”SEO Detroit, SEO Agency, Affordable Search Marketing Services Company” (write these keywords in about 250 characters)

* In meta description tag: Ex: meta name=”Description” content=”(write the description in about 150 characters)”

There is not any hard and fast rule for the number of characters, but all these quantity of characters is preferred for good optimization.

2. See the header tags on the webpages like h1 and h2. These tags should be optimized with all the keywords you are targeting i.e. notice that you include your most important keywords within these headers on each page.

3. If you can find images on the webpages then make use of the alt attribute. This attribute specifies what this image is approximately and also since search engines like google cannot see exactly what the image is, you ought to write about it in this particular attribute. Ex: img src=”(full image link)” alt=”Affordable backlink building” width=”600″ height=”150″. Using alt tag has another advantage that in case your image is not really displayed for reasons unknown, this at least displays the alt text in their place.

4. Use low sized images unless it is actually necessary, because they take a lot of time for loading.

5. Fast loading of webpages is also a means of optimizing your site. So avoid unnecessary code whenever you can whilst keeping the internet page size to a minimum possible.

6. Use internal linking between the pages inside your website using your targeted keywords as anchor text.

7. Last however, not the very least, keep the content within your webpages relevant and sustain high quality so that both search engines and readers would think it is appealing. Exactly the same is definitely the optimization technique for blogs, however your options are a limited in a few aspects.

After the on-page phase you must market or publicize your website by submitting it to varied search engines and directories. Besides that, remaining socially active on the web and letting others know about your site whenever you can fetches value to your website. Having links from other sites to your internet site is essential for moving above in search engine eclkmo list. Developing links needs a lot of hard work however it is not impossible in order to diy. There are lots of SEO companies which can perform the hard work for you, but as mentioned should you be having time as well as willing to do hard work, you can build links yourself. Whatever you do, just do in a manual and natural way, or else you may lose more than you gain.

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