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The car rental sector is a multi-billion dollar sector of the US economy. The US section of the business averages about $18.5 billion in income a year. Today, you will find roughly 1.9 thousand rental vehicles that service the united states segment of the market. Furthermore, there are many rental companies besides the business leaders that subdivide the complete income, namely Dollar Thrifty, Budget and Vanguard. In contrast to other matureservice sectors, the leasing car industry is extremely consolidated which naturally puts possible new comers at a cost-drawback since they face high input costs with decreased possibility of economies of scale. Moreover, a lot of the profit is produced by way of a couple of companies such as Business, Hertz and Avis. For the fiscal year of 2004, Business generated $7.4 billion altogether income. Hertz came in second position with about $5.2 billion and Avis with $2.97 in income.

Degree of Integration

The rental car industry faces a completely different atmosphere than it performed five-years ago. Based on Business Journey Information, automobiles are being rented until they have got accumulated 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers till they are relegated towards the used car industry whereas the turn-about miles was 12,000 to 15,000 miles five-years back. As a result of sluggish industry growth and slim income margin, there is absolutely no imminent threat to backward incorporation in the business. In reality, among the business gamers only Hertz is vertically incorporated through Ford.

Scope of Competition

There are numerous aspects that shape the aggressive landscape in the car rental business. Competition comes from two primary sources through the chain. On the holiday consumer’s end from the range, level of competition is fierce not merely as the marketplace is soaked and well guarded by industry leader Enterprise, but rivals run in a price disadvantage in addition to smaller marketplace gives because Business has generated a system of sellers more than 90 percent the recreational segment. On the business section, on the other hand, level of competition is quite strong on the airports because that section is below tight guidance by Hertz. As the business went through an enormous economic downfall lately, it has up-graded the scale of competition within the majority of the companies that made it through. Competitively speaking, the rental vehicle sector is a battle-area as many leasing agencies such as Business, Hertz and Avis amongst the major players participate in a battle of the fittest.


Within the last five-years, most firms have been working in the direction of enhancing their fleet dimensions and increasing the level of profitability. Enterprise typically the company with all the biggest fleet in the united states has added 75,000 vehicles to its fleet since 2002 which help improve its variety of services to 170 in the airports. Hertz, on the other hand, has additional 25,000 vehicles and broadened its international presence in 150 areas instead of 140 in 2002. Furthermore, Avis has grown its fleet from 210,000 in 2002 to 220,000 despite recent financial adversities. Through the years after the economic downturn, even though most companies through the entire business had been struggling, Enterprise one of the business leaders have been expanding continuously. For instance, yearly sales achieved $6.3 in 2001, $6.5 in 2002, $6.9 in 2003 and $7.4 billion dollars in 2004 which interpreted into a development rate of 7.2 percent per year for the past 4 years. Because 2002, the industry has started to restore its footing inside the industry as general sales increased from $17.9 billion to $18.2 billion dollars in 2003. According to business experts, the higher events of the leasing car business have yet ahead. During the period of another a long period, the market is expected to enjoy accelerated growth valued at $20.89 billion dollars every year following 2008 “which equates to some CAGR of 2.7 Percent [increase] within the 2003-2008 time period.”


Over the past several years the rental car business has made a great deal of improvement to facilitate it syndication processes. Today, you will find roughly 19,000 rental locations yielding about 1.9 million rental vehicles in the united states. Due to the more and more abundant variety of car leasing locations in the united states, strategic and tactical approaches are taken into consideration in order to guarantee appropriate syndication through the entire business. Syndication occurs within two interrelated segments. On the corporate market, the vehicles are given to airports and hotel surroundings. On the recreational section, on the other hand, vehicles are given to company possessed services which can be easily located inside most significant roads and city areas.

In the past, supervisors of leasing car businesses employed to depend on gut-emotions or intuitive guesses to create decisions regarding how numerous cars to have in a specific fleet or the usage level and gratification specifications of keeping certain vehicles in a single fleet. Using that technique, it was tough to sustain a degree of balance that will fulfill customer demand and the desired level of earnings. The syndication process is fairly easy throughout the business. To start with, managers should determine the number of cars that must be on stock on a daily basis. Just because a very apparent problem arises when too many or not enough vehicles are available, most vehicle rental companies such as Hertz, Enterprise and Avis, use a “pool” that is a number of impartial leasing services that share a fleet of automobiles. Basically, using the swimming pools in place, leasing locations run more effectively given that they reduce the risk of reduced stock otherwise get rid of leasing vehicle shortages.

Market Segmentation

A lot of companies throughout the chain produce a profit dependent of the type of vehicles which are leased. The rental cars are categorized into economy, lightweight, intermediate, premium and luxurious. Amongst the 5 categories, the economy sector produces by far the most income. For example, the economy segment itself is mainly responsible for 37.7 percent from the complete marketplace revenue in 2004. In addition, the compact section accounted for 32.3 % of overall revenue. The rest of the other groups addresses the remaining 30 % for your US section.

Historical Amounts of Profitability

The entire earnings of the car leasing industry has been diminishing lately. Within the last 5 years, the business has been having difficulties just like the rest in the journey industry. In reality, between the many years 2001 and 2003 the US market has skilled a average decrease in the degree of earnings. Specifically, revenue fell from $19.4 billion dollars in 2000 to $18.2 billion dollars in 2001. Consequently, the general business income eroded further to $17.9 billion dollars in 2002; an quantity that is certainly minimally greater than $17.7 billion the general income for your year 1999. In 2003, the market experienced a hardly noticeable improve which introduced income to $18.2 billion dollars. Due to the economic crisis in recent years, a number of the smaller gamers that have been extremely dependent on the air travel industry have done a lot of strategy realignments as a method of planning their companies to cope with eventual financial adversities that may surround the business. For the year 2004, on the other hand, the economic scenario of the majority of companies have steadily enhanced through the entire industry as most leasing agencies have returned far better profits in accordance with the anterior years. For example, Business realized revenues of $7.4 billion dollars; Hertz sent back revenues of $5.2 billion and Avis with $2.9 billion dollars in income for the fiscal year of 2004. Based on business analysts, the rental car sector is supposed to encounter constant development of 2.6 % in income within the following many years which translates into a rise in profit.

Aggressive Rivalry Amongst Sellers

There are numerous aspects that push competitors inside the car leasing business. Within the last several years, broadening fleet sizes and growing earnings has become the main focus of most businesses inside the vehicle leasing business. Business, Hertz and Avis one of the leaders happen to be growing both in product sales and fleet dimensions. In addition, competition intensifies as companies are continuously trying to improve their current conditions and present much more to consumers. Business has nearly doubled its fleet dimension because 1993 to approximately 600,000 cars today. Since the business runs using this kind of narrow profits, cost levels of competition are not just a aspect; nevertheless, a lot of companies are eaknqh associated with producing principles and providing a range of facilities from technical devices to even totally free leasing to fulfill clients. Hertz, for instance, combines its Never-Shed Gps navigation program within its vehicles. Enterprise, on the other hand, utilizes advanced yield management software to control its fleets.

Lastly, Avis uses its OnStar and Skynet program to improve serve the customer base and provides free weekend leasing if a customer rents an automobile for five consecutive days Moreover, the customer base of the leasing car business has relatively reduced to no switching price. Alternatively, leasing companies deal with high repaired working expenses including property rental, insurance coverage and upkeep. Consequently, leasing companies are sensitively prices there leasing vehicles just to recoup working expenses and adequately fulfill their customers needs. Furthermore, as the business skilled slow growth recently due to economic stagnation that lead in a massive decrease in both corporate travel as well as the leisure industry, many businesses such as the industry frontrunners are assertively seeking to reposition their companies by steadily lowering the dependency level on the airline business and recovering their ground within the leisure competitive industry.

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