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Google and other search engines aims to deliver optimal results to their visitors to benefit them in real means. To give better user experience, search engines have set critical standards which are necessary to meet to get higher ranking. Search Engine Optimization helps to meet these standards if you follow the latest SEO practices. Let’s have a look at these practices which push more traffic towards your website.

  1. Pay Attention to Title Tag

Title tag informs crawler what the page is about and helps it to index the website. It should be unique for every page as you can’t get expected results by using duplicate titles. Start the title tag with primary keyword, secondary keyword should be in the center of the title, and write brand name at the end of the title tag. The ideal length of the tagline should be 55 characters or less including the spaces.

  1. Meta Description

Meta description is another important ranking factor that should be written efficiently. A perfectly written meta description convinces visitors to click on the link and read the content further. Add keyword in the meta description and it should be written in a compelling manner. 150-160 is the recommended length of a meta description.

  1. Keywords Rich Content

Content is kind and it has the most crucial role in the ranking. A quality content isn’t only unique, plagiarism free, and well-written, but it also includes keywords. Keywords density helps crawlers find out your content and stands it out from the rest. Repeat primary keyword three to four times in the content and don’t forget LSI as it’s also helps to generate good results. H1, H2, title, tagline, and meta descriptions are some places where keyword must be present.

  1. Image Optimization

Images paly a great role in engaging the audience. Always use high quality and unique images to get higher ranking. Light weight images are extremely effective for ranking purpose as they don’t reduce page load speed and makes webpage as per the standards of the search engine. Use Alt text in images and always write small description of the image to tell search engine what the image is about.

  1. Responsive Website

Make your website responsive to get higher ranking. A responsive website displays features of the website effectively on every device. A responsive website comprises all features which make it mobile friendly and give better user experience. To make a website responsive, you have to add CSS instructions so it opens up on every device conveniently.

5 Best SEO Practices to Drive Organic Traffic

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