Hello guys, welcome, I’m glad you visited my channel, Ewa Klim Vlog with my husband Wojtek and our dog Dafi we live in the rural areas of eastern Poland, Lublin Region. On this channel, I would personally like to show you what our previous life searched like, what our life in Poland now appears like. You will be able to find out how we live, whatever we do each and every day, how we spend our free time. The way we figure out how to live in a rural atmosphere over.

Our fantasy is to lead a peaceful life even closer to nature, to develop veggies based on the principles of permaculture, breeding animals, and operating an apiary. We discuss our improvement with you by posting videos right here. We ask one to watch them, reply to them and feature about your accomplishments in these areas. Article methods for us as well as other channel users underneath the video clips, and send out your very own video clips that people will gladly watch.

Poland is a county that is situated in Main European countries. This is a country full of history as well as beautiful locations, and thus, this has turned into a preferred tourist destination. Listed here are the locations that you need to visit while in Poland.

1.) Aged Town

Terms can only capture a lot of the wonder and timelessness that defines Stare Miastro. Go for a walk or journey a bike or carriage to get a tour from the town, and stay mesmerized by the simple grandeur from the location. Pubs, pubs, restaurants, etc. are plenty inside the city, which means you don’t have to be concerned when that belly churns from hunger within this beautiful town.

2.) Warsaw

World Battle II did something to change the landscape of Warsaw, but the beauty of this town remains deserving of a stopover. Visit Warsaw and discover for yourself the Royal Fortress, the Wilanow Castle, the Lazienki Park, along with other picturesque sites that provides colour and grandeur for this Shine city. The ruins in the Jewish ghetto wall are standing upright to this particular day, a note for the many people who perished in Nazi atrocities and also the few who was able to come back.

3.) Sopot

Sopot is definitely the premiere holiday place in Poland that provides tourists a picturesque location and a place for an array of activities. Sopot is yet another home to both aspiring and respected artist in a variety of fields, providing brilliance for the already lively place. With the amount of things you can do, boredom is unquestionably one of items you shouldn’t plan for within this city.

4.) Slowinski National Park

Drop through the Baltic Coastline and discover on your own the various land features that define Slowinski National Park’s topography. Stroll by the seaside, enter the woodland, step on wet marshlands and sand dunes, and cross grassland and moors while you’re in it. Be fascinated with the wide selection of flora and fauna that comes with it.

5.) Tatra Mountain peak

Tatra Mountain peak range, home of all-natural miracles and mountain activities, lies inside the border of Poland and Slovakia. Glimpse in the Polish biodiversity while appreciating the landscape formed by four glaciations that took place within the Tatra mountain regions. Take a hike and go up the peaks of Tatra, and stay astounded from the picturesque take a look at Poland looking at the side.

6.) Auschwitz

A lot more than 60 years after the Nazi Rule, Auschwitz holds as being a reminder of history that ought to be permanently recalled. Travel back soon enough of Nazi’s occupation of Auschwitz and remember the disasters that surround the concentration camps. Let the edifice and also the couple of things left both by the perpetrators and also the sufferers talk about the historical past that unfolded in this particular part from the Polish areas.

7.) Excellent Masurian Lake

Found inside the northern area of the nation, Excellent Masurian Lake is definitely the remains of the Ice Age group which cover all of Poland. With a few 4000 ponds connected by elaborate stream and water tributaries, it covers approximately 15Percent of all the Masurian Plateau. Journey the lake in their entirety with bike tours presented in the area.

8.) The Wawel

Check out the place where shine kings principle more than 500 many years. Walk around time and see your self time-kept in the Renaissance period with Wawels’s castle, churches, courtyards, and other infrastructure. Discover, find out and wonder in the view of this city.

9.) Czartoryski Museum

Da Vinci and Rembrandt enthusiasts who plan to visit Poland put Czartoryski Museum on top with their checklist. Despite losing some artworks during Nazi occupation, artworks like Da Vinci’s Woman with the Ermine yivqem Rembrandt’s Scenery with the Good Samaritan continues to be a view to view. Trip the museum for more artworks from Greeks, Romans, Etruscans, Italians, Dutch, and Flemish musicians.

10.) Kazimierz Dolny

Named after Kazimierz Wielki who established the city in 1335, this shine city offered shelter to persecuted Jews before World Battle II. The number of Jews living in Kazimierz was a target for that Nazi during WWII, decreasing the 70,000 Jews in pre-world war era into 600 to this day. Have a peek into the preserved Jewish ghettoes and discover the lifestyles these individuals have then.

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